Vitigno Tostolello (local variety of grape)

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Vitigno Tostolello (local variety of grape)

Vitigno Tostolello (local variety of grape)

Vitis vinifera L.


Tostolello can be considered an early budding vine, as 50% of the buds germinate by March. Its vegetative-productive cycle lasts about 172 days. Tostolello is a vine that has been shown to have good resistance to water, heat and radiation stress.
The variety has a pentagonal, three-lobed leaf with U-shaped petiolar sinuses. The bunch is composed and medium sparse. The berry is spheroidal, with a medium-thick skin and light bloom, of a green-yellow colour.

The diffusion area of the Tostolello vine is the Amerino area. Regarding the historical nods, no writings or documentary evidence of its presence in the past have emerged. In a miscellany from the early 1900s entitled “Varying degree of resistance opposed by the Umbrian vines to powdery mildew and downy mildew” Bertazzoni mentions the “Tostela” vine, but at present it is not possible to say whether it has a relationship with Tostolello . On the other hand, the testimonies collected on site are important. The mother plants come from a vineyard planted in the early 1900s with the cv locally grown in Amelia at that time.

In Umbria it is attested only in the Municipality of Amelia.

The wine produced from Tostolello grapes has shown good inclination, concerning acidity and the aromatic profile, capable of constituting a specific wine and also recognizable for some characteristics. The alcohol content of Tostolello is around 12.3% vol., while the pH and total acidity values are average. In terms of sensory characteristics, the Tostolello wine has shown to have a positive chromatic aspect, straw yellow with slightly green reflections. It also highlighted an olfactory profile characterized by herbaceous and floral notes and a taste marked by excellent acidity, dry, persistent, and not very bitter.

Texts taken from “Regional Register of Autochthonous Genetic Resources of the Umbria Region”

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