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Historical Italian grains

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We are a small agricultural reality that deals with the cultivation of historical Italian grains; we do a stone milling of the flour and processing of pasta with a bronze die. We have been passionately involved, for about twelve years, in safeguarding an agricultural biodiversity of both grains and corn and legumes. Our “agricultural restaurant” is always part of our project where we bring to the table only products grown by us or by small companies in our network. For products that we cannot produce (such as sugar, salt or cocoa) we use products from the Fair Trade circuit. Part of our project is a vision of social agriculture and the territory where the focus of the work is on attention to the final consumer, to the product and to increasing knowledge and good practice in human relationships as well as the desire for good agricultural practice.

Our products, thanks also to the company’s proximity to the neighboring Lazio Region, are distributed in shops and restaurant businesses in the Municipalities of Bolsena (Azienda La Lupa), Montefiascone (Il Languorino Restaurant) and also directly in the Capital (Rumi Bottega Organica, Rimessa Roscioli, Piccola Bottega merenda, Ruralis).