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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the Company:

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“Il Marchese Magro” farm was born with the primary aim of conforming the love for nature and the products of the earth to full environmental and social sustainability. In this way the Company concretized the new role of agriculture as being a productive, environmental and rural multifunctionality defending not only itself but also the biodiversity and the environment.

In the short chain, which enhances the direct relationship between producer and consumer, the Company honors the conscience of the products, ensures the freshness and seasonality of the fruits, applies the technical knowledge of production ensuring, at the same time, the maintenance of gastronomic traditions and biodiversity. All the products are grown with love and natural methods without the use of plant protection products, according to the indications of the integrated production regulations, respecting the rural and cultural tradition and giving life to simple, genuine and quality products where the statement “from the producer to the consumer” is a certainty – if not a reality. The company is part of the Conservation and Safety Network of Autochthonous Genetic Resources of the Umbria Region, as custodian of the marvelous riches of nature.

The oil, strictly unfiltered, is produced through a mechanical process of cold pressing during kneading, by means of trusted certified oil mills.
Furthermore, our oil is the result of the milling of Italian cultivars, such as antico Rajo, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino, also used as a pollinator, the result of which makes it bitter, spicy and fragrant, as befits.

Our jams are made according to traditional techniques, without preservatives and/or pectin. They are therefore unique genuine quality products, where the fruit reaches its maximum qualitative value.
All the fruits undergo seasonal ripening on the plant and once harvested, after an initial selection, they are transferred within 24 hours for transformation into jam. Furthermore, in this phase of processing, only natural sugar is added, from 5 to 20% max, based on quality and quantity.

The Company is connected to other local companies which it uses for the processing/transformation and the simultaneous valorisation of its genetic resources.
These include “Il Contropodere” farm, in Amelia (TR) at Strada di Sertari 17.05022, and the Italyheart Oil Mill – Once Upon a Time Restaurant in Amelia – in Loc. Fornole, Amelia, Voc. Stibi, 05022. The connected companies favour high valorisation of resources through a skilful specialized processing, in respect of the cultural tradition of the products themselves and of the correct transformation processes, creating food products intended for trade.