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Resources (varieties and breeds) at risk of genetic erosion present in the Company:

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Susino Armascia Azzurra


The Il Contropodere farm was founded in 2000, in a small property that had been run for several decades without the use of any chemical products and today has, to all intents and purposes, completely natural land. The agriculture practiced is natural and regenerative. The property, inserted in the rural context of the Municipality of Amelia, is a hilly farm, without animal exploitation, with an arboreal vocation, with olive groves, orchards, cultivation of vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs. It is surrounded by small family-run companies and by vast forests, which run up to Todi and Orvieto for hundreds of hectares. The company has a territorial consistency of about 10 hectares.

The Contropodere is equipped with a laboratory for the transformation of agricultural products. Sauces, jams, taralli, biscuits, sweets and liqueurs are the result of typical local traditions, their own or reproduced with philological passion. Our productions make use not only of our own products, but also of products coming from other corporate realities in Italy or from the rest of the world within organic producers and “fair trade” channels and networks. The transformation systems are respectful of the organoleptic qualities of fruit and vegetables and the indispensable machinery entrusts a large part of the production chain of our “casalingo di fattoria” to the hands.

Il Contopodere is available to collaborate with other companies in the area making it possible to create products on behalf of third parts. In this way it has been possible to create collaborative relationships for the company, using also products from the orchard, of which it is the guardian, as well as other company products.